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Urinal Screen – WALEX Deodorizing Urinal Screen | Colour : Orange (Mango) 72 pcs

Innovative Walex urinal screens offer powerful deodorising performance with strong fragrance release that lasts up to 60 days. The patented

Deodorizing Urinal Screen (OK-L9)(Strawberry) 厕所清香片(草莓)

Strawberry Urinal Screen is a 30 day urinal air freshener/deodorizer, with the best splash elimination available. Strawberry Urinal Screen also

AZ 360 Deodorizing Urinal Screen

Flexible design enable easy fit into urinals Up to 30 days usage life Water and heat activated fragrance delivery system

Deodorant / Urinal Block (5kg) 除臭球(5kg)

Air-Activated Clean and deodorizes the unpleasant odours

Triangle Deodorant Block 三角除臭块 AZ 1106 (Blue)

Triangle-shaped Generally lasting between 14 days to 21 days (depend on usage frequency) Economical long term odour control for urinals