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PROTECT Hospital Grade Disinfectant (Whiteshield) D11 (5L)

DESCRIPTION WHITESHIELD contains high active chemical constituents formulated to international standard for use in cleaning and disinfecting of toilet surfaces.

Stain Remover – POWER Oil & Wax Remover (SWOP) E03

APPLICATION SWOP is used as a spray on and wipe off chemical. An Industrial Cleaner which quickly cuts thru and

CF 503 Solvent C27 (5L)

CF 503 SOLVENT CLEANER DESCRIPTION CF 503 is a blended solvent cleaner designed to remove tar, type mark, vanish, glue,

Stain Remover – POWER Killer (CF125) E02

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS CF 125 is highly corrosive and contact with skin and eyes should be avoided. Protective gloves and eye


SAFETY PRECAUTIONS POWER TBC (Toilet Bowl Cleaner) is acidic and rubber gloves should be worn. If contacted on eyes, immediately

Sprayway Crazy Clean All Purpose Cleaner #031 (539g)

Spray on, wipe off Cleans everything Cleans and deodorizes Non-abrasive Breaks up grease and grime