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Magic Bright (503) 5L/25L

MAGIC BRIGHT (503) Heavy Duty Acidic Cleaner Magic Bright is an acidic stain remover with powerful cleaning action that produces

Disinfectant – WhiteShield E05 (Hospital Grade Disinfectant & Toilet Bowl Cleaner) (5L)

DESCRIPTION WHITESHIELD contains high active chemical constituents formulated to international standard for use in cleaning and disinfecting of toilet surfaces.

Stain Remover – SWOP Multipurpose Industrial Cleaner E03 (5L)/(25L)

APPLICATION SWOP is used as a spray on and wipe off chemical. An Industrial Cleaner which quickly cuts thru and

CF 503 Solvent C27 (5L)

CF 503 SOLVENT CLEANER DESCRIPTION CF 503 is a blended solvent cleaner designed to remove tar, type mark, vanish, glue,

Stain Remover – CF 125 (Weed Killer) E02 (5L)/(25L)

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS CF 125 is highly corrosive and contact with skin and eyes should be avoided. Protective gloves and eye

Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Bowl Shine E01 (5L)/(25L)

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS BOWL SHINE is acidic and rubber gloves should be worn. If contacted on eyes, immediately rinse with cold

Sprayway Crazy Clean All Purpose Cleaner #031 (539g)

Spray on, wipe off Cleans everything Cleans and deodorizes Non-abrasive Breaks up grease and grime

Z Water pH12.5 704 (500ml)/(5L)

Z WATER PH12.5 (704) pH12.5 Ionized Alkaline Water Z Water is a purified pH12.5 ionized alkaline water made with advance