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Degreaser – Hagleitner active 2GO (5L) B07

Active 2GO is a concentrated, grease-dissolving kitchen cleaner. Active 2GO is a grease-dissolving, alkaline kitchen cleaner with a fresh scent

Multi Purpose Cleaner – Refreshing Orange 322 (5L)

REFRESHING ORANGE (322) 92.48%|13.17% Refreshing Orange is the new multipurpose floor cleaner ideal for general cleaning applications across a wide

Magiclean Stain And Mold Remover 400ml

Magiclean Bathroom Stain & Mold Remover’s powerful foam penetrates deeply to rapidly remove and wipe out stubborn stains and mold

Magic Bright (503) 5L/25L

MAGIC BRIGHT (503) Heavy Duty Acidic Cleaner Magic Bright is an acidic stain remover with powerful cleaning action that produces

Zappy Alcohol Wipes Canister (70’s)

Zappy Alcohol Wipes Canister contain 70% Isopropyl alcohol solution. Its fast acting solution is able to effectively kill 99.99% harmful germs. Your essential first aid and surface disinfection product. Comes in a convenient and handy storage tub for easy dispensing and has a resealable flip-lid to maintain moisture in wipes and to prevent the alcohol from evaporating fast.